stop yelling and enjoy motherhood more

I'll show you how to be a happy mom with kids who listen and behave better.

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Tired of feeling frustrated with your kids and overwhelmed by motherhood? 

Do you long for a way to not only get your kids to listen better the first time, but to feel confident as a mom and peaceful as a family?

Do you struggle with the “hows” of passing on meaningful values and faith to your children?

I can help you gain confidence in yourself and your parenting skills, and show you how to parent peacefully from grace, so you can raise thoughtful kids who listen and behave better, and treat others with kindness and empathy.

It's time to say hello to a happy, peace-filled family!


 Epic Families Online Courses - learn how to be more confident in your abilities as a mom and enjoy motherhood more!


Do you struggle with getting your kids to listen? Do you wish you had an easier way to get them to behave the first time? Feeling burned out?   My Epic Families' toolkits can help you:
*Have kids who listen and behave better.
*Carve out time to nurture yourself, so you're feeling your best and relating to your family with confidence!.
*Master simple principles that plant seeds of faith, love, and kindness in your child's spirit. 

 Work one-on-one with Beth for the most parenting support! Includes access to both the Happy Mom Toolkit and Happy Family Toolkit.


Do you feel your kids never listen? Are you tired of yelling and just feel overwhelmed? Have you tried everything but still feel stuck? I can help! By working with me one-on-one, you'll receive private, coaching from me, by phone, with email followup for twelve weeks. We can follow my proven Happy Mom format or work on issues that you struggle with most.  Availability is very limited! Check out the details below. 

 Get your free booklet with 5 minute hacks so that you can yell less and enjoy parenting more.


Do you worry about losing it when your kids misbehave or talk back? Do you feel you never have any time for yourself?  I'll show you how, in just 5 minutes, you can reclaim your cool and ditch the frustration and overwhelm that leads to yelling! My tried and true tips will have you back in control and parenting peacefully and effectively. 



Hi, I'm Beth.

I've been helping moms like you for more than 10 years! In my early years of mothering, I longed to parent peacefully and effectively and struggled with how to pass on my faith to my kids. 
Once I figured out the secrets to gaining confidence in myself and parenting from grace, everything changed.
We went from yelling and melt downs to a peaceful home with happy kids who loved Jesus and people, and who listened and behaved better. I went back to school and got a Doctor of Ministry degree with a focus on families and children and became a Certified Life Coach.
I've been helping moms ever since!

 Hi, I'm Beth. I'll provide you with proven strategies to help you feel less overwhelmed, ditch the #momguilt, and have kids who behave better. It's time to say hello to a happy family!


Kind Words

 Here's what Rachel had to say after her family coaching - "My kids listen better, and we are a happier family." Yay!
As a mom to two young boys, I yelled a lot! They would pitch a fit. I would yell, and things would go downhill from there! Now, yelling and anger are a thing of the past; my kids listen better, and we are a happier family. Thank you!
 Here's what Jackie had to say after going through our parenting coaching, "I've grown so strong and she's doing great!."
Thank you for coaching me and my daughter. Things were spiraling out of control, and I felt so helpless before we worked with you. I wanted you to know that I’ve grown so strong, and she’s doing great….I remember that you would say to me that I was a strong warrior and the Mama Bear... I’m proud to say, you were right! God is good!