Do you feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of yelling, overwhelm, and mom-guilt?

Your kids listen and behave for a while. You try and try but still get sucked back into old habits? You go from yelling and guilt, promises to do better, back to yelling and guilt, and wind up feeling hopeless. Sometimes when you hear yourself, you feel like you've become your mother. It doesn't have to be this way!  With my help, you can end this cycle NOW and stroll on over to the path of peaceful parenting and happy kids who listen and behave better more of the time. 




3 ways to work together!

The Happy Mom Toolkit.png

The Happy Mom Toolkit - Eliminate Mom-Stress!

The Happy Mom Toolkit focuses first and primarily on YOU and helping you unpack the reasons WHY you yell, offering simple, steps you can put into action right away. You'll learn specific short and long term techniques that will put you on the path to peaceful parenting and kids who listen well, the first time.

Epic Mom Mentorship.png

Epic Mom Mentorship - Total Transformation!

Personalized coaching to tackle emotional eating and mom-stress with proven techniques. When you work with me, I am your biggest supporter and advocate. You set the agenda for what we want to talk about and the issues you feel are most pressing. Together we work to eliminate your toughest challenges with motherhood and emotional eating and replace them with positive stress management and self-care practices.

The Family Faith Toolkit.png

The Family Faith Toolkit - A Lasting Legacy!

Gain new confidence to share Jesus with your kids. Each module is based on the pillars of prayer, the Bible, and loving kindness. Beautiful visual lessons round out the toolkit. You can either print these or snuggle up with your children and an iPad as you discuss these lessons together.